Queen Katherine Parr

Queen Katherine by Anonymous

Portrait Miniature of Catherine Parr

Strawberry Hill ID: sh-000452

Miniature, Waterclor on vellum, 4.5 cm. (diameter), Private Collection, UK.

Strawberry Hill History

1774 Description: Within the cabinet of enamels and miniatures…Catharine Parr; by Holbein: a most scarce head, and exactly like the picture of her at the earl of Denbigh’s at Nuneham Padox, Warwickshire (83).

1784 Description: Text same as 1774 Description (59)

Sale Text: An equally fine miniature of Catherine Parr, by Holbein, a very rare and original Portrait of this the last queen of King Henry VIII.

Provenance: Horace Walpole; 1842, May 10, Strawberry Hill Sale, Day 14, Lot 69, John Dent, Esq., £10.10.0.

Bibliography: HW Corres 34:208 The Biographical Mirrour, (London: S. and E. Harding, 1785), pp. 36-40.

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