Historical Dinner Party Guests

Author Lauren Johnson invites Katherine Parr to dinner as one of her historical dinner party guests!

Lauren Johnson

My amazing radio career has begun! Which is to say, I’ve been on the radio once, on someone else’s show. But I didn’t spill coffee on the computers and, according to friends who I presume would not lie about such crucial matters, I didn’t sound like a blithering imbecile.

This weekend I had a quick jaunt back to my hometown of Bristol to appear on Dr Phil Hammond’s Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Bristol. (You can hear the show again here – I’m on for the first hour.) As part of that rather excellent experience, I had to decide who would be my four ideal dinner party guests. They could have been living or dead, but if I had turned up and said “my mum, my dad, my little brother and my husband” I think most listeners would have felt rather cheated. So for me, it was a…

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