Did Elizabeth Have More than Just “the Heart and Stomach of a King”? Part I

*Side note — Elizabeth’s brother Edward wasn’t older. He was a boy and as such was in front of Elizabeth. Elizabeth had an older brother, Henry Fitzroy (illegitimate), but he died.

Semper Eadem

Well, my hand has finally been forced. When I first began this blog, I wrote a post about one day addressing all of the myths that surrounded Elizabeth I. Particularly, I promised that I would cover the rumor that she was really a man. I promised and promised that I would get around to it, but research on other subjects and a toddler entering his Terrible Twos led me to believe that the rumor that Elizabeth I was really a man didn’t need immediate attention. It took the Internet blowing up with posts like “Was Queen Elizabeth a Drag Queen in Disguise?” to get me typing.

The source of the buzz first came from an article in the Daily Mail, which admittedly should have made all of us wade into the story rather warily. The gist can be boiled down to this: an author named Steve Berry wrote a 

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2 thoughts on “Did Elizabeth Have More than Just “the Heart and Stomach of a King”? Part I

    • Thanks. I posted the Daily Mail article on my Facebook page because, like a lot of people, I took it seriously at first. I thought this guy was trying to be serious. Then I saw his interview with NBC — after he said that they replaced Elizabeth with Henry VIII’s illegitimate grandson.. I was like “forget this, this man is insane.” The Daily Mail made it sound like he was serious. Good to know it’s “fiction”.

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