30 September 1515 – Queen Margaret of Scots flees to England

Linlithgow Palace; Copyright Arnaud RAT

On 30 September 1515 – Queen Margaret of Scots, elder sister of Henry, fled to England while pregnant with the child of her new husband, Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus. She had previously obtained permission to go to Linlithgow whence she escaped to the border. She was received by Thomas Fiennes, 8th Lord Dacre, Henry’s Warden of the Marches, and cousin to Sir Thomas Parr [Dacre’s mother was Parr’s aunt, Alice, Lady Fiennes]. Sir Thomas Parr [father of Queen Katherine] would later meet them in April of 1516 and was entrusted in the safe keeping of the Dowager Queen. She was escorted into London, led by Sir Thomas Parr, on 3 May 1516.

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I have been studying the genealogy and the history of the Parr family since 2007. I studied Women's Studies with an emphasis on English Women's History at the University of Maryland. My goal is to educate those who love Tudor History and to push aside the never ending myth that Queen Katherine Parr was nothing more than a nursemaid to King Henry VIII. I am planning on writing a book specifically on the family genealogy and relations which made Queen Katherine an important woman in her own right -- even before her own birth.

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